The Best Asian Food

The Best Asian Food. Asia is the cradle of many unique culinary elite in the world. That is why on this list of CNN, there are very simple dishes that are still ranked in the list of the world’s best. You will not want to miss these national dishes when you travel to Asia.
The Best Asian Food

1. Som Tam, Thailand


To make this famous Thai salad, you first need to crush garlic and chili. Then stir the green beans, bean sprouts, papaya grated with tamarind juice, fish sauce, peanuts, dried shrimp, tomatoes, cane sugar and served with steamed sticky rice. Many other ways to do also add crab or fermented fish sauce. But the delicious taste of the traditional way of making is still most loved.

2. Chicken Rice, Singapore


This is one of the traditional dishes of the island nation of Singapore. The dish includes boiled chicken (or roasted chicken or chicken with soy sauce) on rice, served with cucumber. The dipping sauce is a premium black soy sauce, mixed with chili garlic and shredded ginger to add excitement to the dish.


3. Hong Kong Style French Toast

Hong Kong Style French Toast

Hong Kong toast stands out with peanut butter and jam spread on top. To make this toast more flavorful, roll over the beaten egg yolks, then fry with butter and serve with plenty of syrup and butter. This is Hong Kong’s best toast and perfect for an energetic breakfast.

4. Singaporean Chili CrabSingaporean Chili Crab


One more Singapore dish appeared on this list. You cannot come to Singapore without enjoying this famous chili crab dish. Each restaurant has its own unique way of processing (with black pepper, salted eggs, cheese …), but the spicy taste of crab bricks will fascinate you forever. Adding a little dumpling with the sauce will make it taste even better.


5. Pho Cuon, Vietnam


The spring roll dish that is quite familiar with Vietnamese family meals also appears in this list. Each roll consists of boiled meat, herbs and vermicelli wrapped in thin rice paper. Salad will be eaten with sweet and sour sauce, making anyone who enjoy it once want to eat more.

6. Japanese Ohmi beef 


This is one of the beef that is named in the premium Wagyu beef trio. Cows are raised in the natural environment of “green grass, clear water” in Shiga prefecture. Ohmi cows have been around for more than 400 years, around the Edo period. It is said that Ohmi beef is a king’s offering in 1590 because it is the secret to longevity and lasting beauty. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit Kyoto or Shiga, do not forget to try this “once royal” dish. With “indescribable” sweetness and deliciousness, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

7. Pho Vietnam

Topping the ranking of the world’s best food according to the Business Insider website, it is an honor that Vietnamese pho has received many compliments and favorites from friends around the world. 

Pho Vietnam 2

Pho has two main ingredients: broth (which brings sweetness of chicken and beef bones which is stewed for many hours) and noodles (made from rice flour). Besides, there are indispensable ingredients such as beef, thin sliced ​​chicken. The accompanying spices that you can use are black sauce, chili, lemon or pickled garlic, depending on each person’s preference. Cilantro types such as basil, cilantro, braised cilantro, bean sprouts, onions, etc. also contribute to making our pho more eye-catching.


8. Beef Rendang, Malaysia

Beef rendang, also known as dry beef curry, is always a delicacy in Malaysia that many foreign tourists are looking to enjoy the most. Rendang beef has a spicy flavor characteristic of Malaysian culinary style, this dish is always tasted very spicy and cooked until dry, so that the real curry juice penetrates the beef.

Rendang beef is especially rich with the taste of coconut mixed with the sweetness of beef; add the pungent taste from chili, lemongrass, ginger, pepper; the same sour taste from lime leaves and tamarind. All make a dish extremely attractive, rich and delicious with an irresistible aroma. Rendang beef is usually served with rice or rice wrapped in bamboo leaves and grilled over a charcoal stove, a harmonious combination.

9. Tom Yum Goong, Thailand


This is a spicy and sour soup characteristic of “the land of golden pagodas”, quite famous and ranked 8th in the 50 most delicious dishes in the world (according to CNN). This is a dish that originated in the mountains, and today has been popular in many other countries and around the world.

The main ingredient to make Tom Yum is shrimp, meat or mushrooms. The indispensable spices in the soup include Thai lime leaves (kaffir lime leaves), lemongrass root, young galangal root, dried onion, fresh chili (or satay, dried chili), lime juice with herbs, tomatoes, coconut water, broth, and especially Thai fish sauce. 


10. Penang Asam/Assam Laksa – Malaysia


One of the most famous dishes of Malaysia is laksa noodles cooked with sardines, tamarind, chili, mint, lemongrass, onions, pineapple served with spicy and sour fish broth. Its spicy taste is so strong it can make your nose stinging before you can finish a piece of noodles.


11. Beijing Roast Duck, China


With its smooth, crispy skin on the outside, Beijing roast duck is very popular with many people. Roasted duck dish served with rice paper, onion, hoisin sauce or bean sauce.


12. Sushi, Japan


This is considered a traditional Japanese dish. Since ancient times, Japanese people often have a habit of brewing fish, meat, and shrimp in rice to increase the delicious taste of the dish. They also often add in a little vinegar to create a sour, sweet, sweet taste, increasing the appeal. 

When making sushi, people will incubate the rice to a certain acidity, or add a little vinegar to enhance the taste. Accompanied by side dishes, which the Japanese call Neta. That neta can be salmon meat, salmon eggs, iron eggs, seafood, etc. But perhaps the most popular is the seafood. Depending on how it is processed and presented differently, sushi is divided into five categories (rolls, balls, packages, fermented, fried). The dipping sauce that goes with the sushi is usually mustard (wasabi) or Japanese soy sauce, all very delicious.


14. Thai Massaman Rice


Not only has the leading flavor of curry dishes, Massaman is also considered the king in the culinary capital of Thailand. It is famous for its spicy, greasy, sweet, and irresistible taste. Even the sauce packages purchased at the supermarket can turn you into a Mechellin-class chef. Massaman curry is best served with white rice.

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