How to cook Famous Japanese Katsu Curry

How to cook Famous Japanese Katsu Curry. Katsu curry is a very popular dish in Japan. It is made with Pork cutlet and curry served with cooked rice. It’s full in flavor and easy to make. 
Katsu Curry (serves 4 people)
How to cook Famous Japanese Katsu Curry


Ingredients for the curry

1 white onion
250g carrots
250g potatoes
200g Japanese curry paste
500ml water
20g butter 🧈

Ingredients for Tonkatsu (deep fried pork loins)

4 pork loins
2 eggs
150g plain flour
250g panko (breadcrumbs)
150ml milk
2 cloves of garlic
1/4 onion
Oil for frying
Chop onion, cut carrots and potatoes into cubes. Separate these into two equal portions.

Instruction on How to cook Famous Japanese Katsu Curry

In a pan, heat 10g of butter. Pan fry one portion of vegetables (onions, carrots, potatoes).
Add water and cover the pan with the lid. Let vegetables boil. Once vegetables are boiled, let it cool down. Now Blend vegetables with it’s stock.
Keep it aside and prepare pork.
Chop garlic and 1/4 onions then add to milk in a bowl. Add all pork loins to sit in the bowl for 15 minutes. This helps to soften the meat and reduce the smell of it.
Beat 2 eggs. Now take pork loins one by one and dip in plain flour, then into beaten eggs. Finally coat meat with breadcrumbs. Deep fry them and keep aside.
Heat a pan and add 10g of butter. Add other half of vegetables. Then add blended vegetable stock into the pan and stir well.
Slice Japanese curry paste into thin slices and add to the curry. Stir well and let vegetables cook. If gravy becomes too thick, add some water.
Cut a deep fried pork loin into thin strips and lay on a bowl of cooked rice. Pour curry over the pork. You can make 4 bowls like this.
enjoy the meal.
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