Top 10 Animated Horror Movies

Top 10 Animated Horror Movies. Usually you will think that animated movies will follow the themes of fun but never think about it doing horror themes. But horror cartoon titles are extremely attractive and good thanks to the unlimited creativity of the directors. In this article, we will share you the Top 10 animated horror movies.

Top 10 Animated Horror Movies
Top 10 Animated Horror Movies

Top 10 Animated Horror Movies

1. Frankenweenie 2012

When a car crashes into Victor’s pet dog Sparky, Victor decides to bring it back to life the only way he knows how. But when the lightning-necked “monster” ravages and terrorizes the hearts of Victor’s neighbors, he must convince them that Sparky is still as good and loyal a friend as he is.

2. Corpse Bride 2005

Corpse Bride is an animated comedy horror film, in 2005 it won the Top 10 film of the year award and this is also the life-long work of Tim Burton. The film is a thrilling story between a guy Victor belonging to a poor class in society and his family being forced to marry the daughter of a noble family. The love story that did not come from both sides made Victor leave on the day of his marriage, when he left, he accidentally encountered the curse of Emily – The corpse of the bride. All the problems started there when Victor and Emily were both lost in the 3rd world full of fear, ghosts, ghosts, etc.

3. Coraline 2009

Coraline is a film rich in humanistic meaning in the horror animation village. The film has made good use of the “Warp” element – changing the space instantly so that the main character can fully reveal his personality and deeply exploit the character’s inner self. Coraline lives in a super giant house, even she herself can’t remember the way in that house. But one day she found a magical door linking to another world, here Coraline also has a family, but it’s a family of dolls. Her parents are people whose eyes are made of buttons and they look exactly like her real parents. With stories in the world of “button eyes”, what will Coraline do and what meanings will it reveal?

4. Monster House 2006

If you are too familiar with the game Hello Neighbor, surely the image of naughty children exploring the neighbor’s house is not strange. Monster House borrowed that image to build its own horror story. Behind the beautiful bright house of the other neighbor, a monster is being raised and hid waiting for the day it grows up to achieve his ambitions. What will happen when the children have entered the house and found that monster?

5. Seoul Station 2016

Seoul Station has a very simple context and content, which is the familiar Zombie theme in the movie titles. The film depicts the horror scene at the subway station in Seoul, the Zombies swarm here and continue to infect others. In the film, there are many scary scenes of killing, shooting, biting, people lost in half, etc.

 6. Perfect Blue 1997

The film’s content revolves around Mima – a member of a Japanese idol group. Mima has decided to leave the group to become an actress. However, while having her first role, Mina became the victim of a stalker.

7. To Your Last Death 2019

In order to save her siblings, a young woman takes on her father and the powerful entity known as Gamemaster, who ensnares humans into diabolical plots while her species gambles on the outcome.

8. Beauty Water 2020

Beauty Water looks like a common skin cosmetic. But unlike other cosmetics, people can sculpt their skin with it like molding clay and change their appearance. An ordinary girl, Yaeji, comes across the ‘Beauty Water’ by chance, and her endless desire to be the most beautiful woman brings her unimaginable disaster.

9. Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack 2012

The beginning of the story is about a crew of sailors, they make a living by catching bream one day they pull a strange creature and then a terrible disaster.

10. Mononoke 2007

A mysterious man called the Medicine Seller travels along feudal Japan, uncovering and slaying evil spirits called “Mononoke”. When he locates one of these spirits, he cannot simply kill it; he must first learn its Form, its Truth, and its Reason in order to wield the mighty Exorcism Sword and fight against it. He must begin his strange exorcisms with intense psychological analysis and careful investigative work—an extremely dangerous step, as he must first confront and learn about the Mononoke before he even has the means to defeat it.