Indoor plants that can grow without sunlight

Indoor plants that can grow without sunlight. Your house will become more lively with indoor plants, here we will introduce to you the shade-loving plants that are easy to live in low-light space. From private homes to offices, these green plants can respond and blend perfectly with any living space. If you do not have much space and time to take care of, choose the following plants, which are very suitable for growing in the home or office.

Indoor plants that can grow without sunlight
Indoor plants that can grow without sunlight

Benefits of growing indoor plants without light

For indoor plants that do not need light , in addition to saving care, they also have the effect of improving aesthetics and feng shui harmony. The main uses of indoor plants can be followed as:


Of course, when it comes to indoor plants, the first use is to help increase the aesthetics of the space. A small beautiful potted plant placed in the living room, bedroom, office, or bathroom, toilet can make the space more eye-catching and colorful.

Helps reduce stress, stress and increase work efficiency

This is also one of the advantages of making indoor ornamental plants popular. Trees with natural green leaves help people around always feel relaxed and gentle. 

Looking at the beautiful small potted plants also helps relieve stress after stressful working hours. A relaxed mentality will help increase work efficiency. Therefore, most offices arrange potted plants for decoration and air conditioning. 

Air filtering

The photosynthesis of green plants helps the air become much cleaner and fresher. Currently, there are many types of ornamental plants that also absorb radiation from electrical equipment and remove toxic substances that can cause cancer and negatively affect human health.

Insect repellence

Some houseplants have a mild fragrance, which positively affects human health. In particular, that scent is the enemy of insects. This scent will make insects such as mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches … no longer dare to approach human living space. 

If you have small children, immediately put a potted plant to help repel mosquitoes placed in the child’s bedroom. This is a way to protect your baby from insects without using chemicals to kill them.

Effective deodorization

Growing indoor plants not only helps our mind relax, more comfortable, but it is also an effective way to clean the air and eliminate odors. Putting a small pot of green plants in damp areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, toilets… will be a much safer method than using chemical-containing room fragrance sprays.

Indoor plants that can grow without sunlight


With striking patterns and large, smooth leaves, this plant can be the perfect decoration choice for your space. Moreover, Calatheas is very fond of dark places, which is very suitable for living spaces without light.

Calatheas is originally from tropical areas in America.

Dumb-cane/ Dieffenbachia Peint

Light that is not too bright but only gentle with a little level is the most suitable factor for this plant to grow. A suggestion for those who want to place the potted plant next to a sunny window is to place it behind the curtain to limit the light source.

However, you need to be careful to put this ornamental plant out of reach of children because in the tree there are some substances that can easily cause skin allergies, especially for the delicate skin of babies.

It the most “beautiful” in spring and summer, when the sun shines brightly, making the interior of the house stand out more.

Dragon Blood Tree

This is a tree belonging to the coconut family, with a strong and individual appearance. This plant will bring a tropical flavor to your living space. What’s even more convenient is that they don’t like light. So remember to keep the plant away from windows or sunny open spaces!

Dragon blood tree is the choice for those who love personality and uniqueness.

Spider Plant

The flowering hyacinth, also known as the spider plant, has the characteristics of liking shade and being easy to grow and live in. Therefore, quite a lot of people love this easy-to-reach plant.

This plant can live without light for a very long time, which helps to clean the air. Both “casual” and very useful!

The long, small and drooping leaves create a wild lightness for your space.


There are over 2,000 varieties of ferns to suit home decor options. This plant is always “ready” to live in the shade but is very resistant to dry weather.

Therefore, the requirement when you raise this plant is to remember to spray them with moist water regularly, especially on the leaf surface in hot and dry seasons.

The fern does not like dryness but loves to live in the shade.


This tropical plant has a rather odd preference for only artificial light. Pineapple also likes humid places like bathrooms or porches.

The red leaves in the heart make the whole pot look like a giant flower that is extremely eye-catching.

Wild garlic tree

This plant does not require much care. Soft light can help the plant grow faster and better, but even in the dark it can still live.

The plant likes all weather conditions, both hot and cold. But it requires you to be patient because it grows very slowly and slowly.


As a flower with pure and noble beauty, jasmine also possesses a rich and seductive fragrance, so it is grown in many places, even in low light places.

Jasmine attracts positive energy and helps build relationships among family members. Its sweet and pleasant aroma can help relieve stress and energize the body. This ornamental plant should be placed near a south-facing window of the house.

In addition, jasmine flowers also have many uses, jasmine flowers have a very impressive fragrance, so people often extract the fragrance of jasmine flowers to apply to cosmetics and perfumes. Jasmine essential oil brings a feeling of purity, calms the mind, stimulates feelings of optimism. Jasmine is often used for aromatherapy purposes.

Jasmine flowers can also be used to make tea. The tea maker needs to choose blooming flowers, put them in a cup of hot water for about 15-30 minutes or add flowers to a cup of hot green tea and enjoy.

Begonia flowers

Begonias are one of those shade-loving indoor plants that have a glamorous and luxurious beauty. Not only that, this is also a kind of ornamental flower that has the meaning of auspicious intentions, so it is popular with players.

This is a flower that blooms on the occasion of Tet to spring, so it also symbolizes good luck and good fortune. In addition, the begonia flower also symbolizes brotherly harmony, a happy life, and acacia friendship.

Begonia has a brilliant red color, but it is not dazzling, so it gives flower players a warm feeling. A begonia blooms to wane usually lasting 2 to 3 days. The pure, gentle petals surrounding the shy yellow stamens always easily attract all eyes.

If you grow begonia indoors, you should plant it in a round pot. The plant is very suitable for placing on the tea table. At the same time, this flower grown indoors not only has an eye-catching appearance but also has the important effect of cleaning the air. It can absorb radiation from household electrical appliances such as computers and reduce the harmful effects of radiation on humans.

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