How to fix Cannot Quick Export as PNG in Photoshop CC

How to fix Cannot Quick Export as PNG in Photoshop CC i have tried everything such as restarting my PC turning it off and everything? 

How to fix Cannot Quick Export as PNG in Photoshop CC

it’s always more difficult when something that was working suddenly stops. It could be you need to reset your preferences as this collection of files from time to time gets corrupted. Go into Preferences under the General Tab and press the Reset Preferences on Quit button and restart Photoshop. Then check in Preferences that the settings in the Export tab are still the same as above. Now see whether the export as Png feature is working. When something suddenly stops working its often a good idea to restart the computer. Most people , me included, tend to use stand-bye and sleep modes far to often and this can cause problems until a full system restart takes place.



I found similar problem to many of the posters. What I discovered was that actually while it looked as though it was doing nothing – it was infact exporting the files. They were ending up in a ‘document assets’ folder inside the Hard Drive. Look under your Hard Drive > Users > Username > Documents-assets

If you go into Photoshop preferences, under Export, you’ll see that there is the option to either ‘ask where to export each time’ or ‘export to assets folder next to current document’


In my case, because I had started the document by loading into a stack – I hadn’t saved the document anywhere sensible, but once I had saved it to a preferred location, I then found that the ‘document assets’ folder was where it should have been – i.e next to the main document I was quick exporting from!


Maybe just changing the preferences to be ‘ask each time’ might make it obvious to be working again.

Method 2:

Earlier, I was able to successful export a layer to PNG but after a while, it no longer works.


My preferences detail is exactly the same as yours while the first line of the system info is: Adobe Photoshop Version: 2015.5.0 20160603.r.88 2016/06/03:23:00:00 CL 1078833  x64


On my end, here were the steps to replicate:
1. Ctrl+select layers (images, types, filters).
2. Ctrl+Shift+E
3. Right click on flattened selected layers.
4. Click ‘Quick export as PNG’.
5. Save as dialog box opens.
6. Then noticed that the ‘Save as type’ is All Files (*.*). See below.


I hope this info helps. Kindly help.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2018


I too faced the same issue, where the Export > ‘Quick Export to PNG’ does nothing.


Check these settings:


File > Export > Export Preferences

Ideally it was set as:

  • ‘Ask where to export each time’ – even though this option was selected nothing happened.


Do this:

Use the second option.

  • ‘Export files to an assets folder next to the current document’


In Windows Explorer, check the folder where the original PSD file is placed. Next to that you will find a folder called ‘Name of PSD-assets’


Once you find the PNG here.


Switch back to

  • ‘Ask where to export each time’


See if these steps works for you.