Fix could not transform the selected pixels because the selected area is empty 2024

Fix could not transform the selected pixels because the selected area is empty 2024

I get this message when trying to select Edit>Transform>Skew.  I am on the layer above my Smart Object Layer and have selected an area which can be seen in the marching ants below in the tile border.  I Googled this message and it says it can happen when you are in a blank Layer.  But it’s not blank.  Does anyone know what could be happening?

Fix could not transform the selected pixels because the selected area is empty 2024

Here are some different possibilities/common pitfalls I’ve run into

  1. Select the correct layer / deselect any existing layer masks

  2. Unlock the layer (double click on it)

  3. Check quick mask mode is disabled (Q)

  4. Make sure there are no odd/small sections of your selection interfering

  5. Invert your selection

  6. Deselect and reselect

  7. Odd layer settings (feather, non-standard tools, etc)

If I can understand you correctly then you have pixels on Smart Object layer which cannot be transformed. To be able to transform pixels you have created a blank new layer above it and you are trying to transform blank layer right? It won’t work because there aren’t actual pixels. Transforming pixels and cloning from some source are two different things. When transforming something there must be actual content on the selected layer to transform while when cloning or copying you must have something

Set sample all layers or current and below in the clone stamp tool option bar

I don’t want the Clone-Stamp tool.  I was referencing that as a tool that I had successfully used previously by creating a new layer above the Smart Object and doing the edit in that layer.  The tool I am trying to get to work is Edit>Transform>Skew and what I am trying to do is skew a selection in a Smart Object downwards.  My assumption was that I needed to do this in a new layer created above the Smart Object but that seems not to be the case.  I went into the Smart Object Layer; hit Ctrl T; and then selected Edit>Transform>Skew.  I was able to to grab the middle square on the grid and drag the right side of the tile border downwards.  So it appears there are certain effects you can create on the Smart Object layer (this one) and others you can’t (the Clone/Stamp).  I don’t understand the rationale behind the difference but perhaps will someday.  Thanks.

show the layer you had targeted when you received the message also the marching ant selection You show a Smart object layer the which has an associated transform which can be changed however, you can not transform a selection in a smart object layer. Its rendered pixels can not be modified