How to fix lines on MacBook screen

How to fix lines on MacBook screen. Rated as an “expensive item” in Apple’s electronic product lines, screen errors on the screen and battery are quite common errors, in which the MacBook screen error has horizontal – vertical stripes. can be repaired before replacement. So when can it be repaired when it is time to replace the screen when encountering this error. Why does the screen of the MacBook line often have horizontal stripes and does the hot MacBook cause the screen to be streaked and does it affect other components?

How to fix lines on MacBook screen
How to fix lines on MacBook screen

Why are there lines on MacBook screen?

In MacBook errors related to the screen, in addition to the errors that the MacBook Air or Pro screen does not turn on, the MacBook screen is often encountered during use. What is the cause and how to fix it, please refer to the following causes:

The MacBook screen has horizontal or vertical stripes due to the manufacturer’s fault: Although it is a brand trusted by many users and placed in the top position for the choice of electronic devices, but the error from the manufacturer , actually still with Apple. The screen of the MacBook is defective during the design and manufacturing process. Or because the product you own is not a genuine product, a fake product, causing the device to have many problems including screen stripes.

The MacBook screen stripe error is one of the most common problem. 

  • Due to being placed near a magnetic place: For MacBook products, placing the machine in a place with strong magnetism for a long time will cause the machine to become magnetized. This is also the cause of MacBook screen errors  such as horizontal and vertical stripes that are annoying during the experience.
  • Error caused by dropping the machine: One of the reasons why MacBook screen stripes cannot be ignored is caused by users. Accidentally dropping or dropping the device will easily lead to a situation where the device has horizontal and vertical stripes on the screen.
  • Screen display error: The monitor may be faulty due to the connection components between the monitor and the screen card located inside the laptop chassis. Image data when present may be disordered.
  • Loose socket connection: In addition to causing the screen to be streaked, this problem can also cause the MacBook screen to flicker. The image displayed on the screen may be flickering, gray, or horizontal lines on the MacBook screen will occur if the connection between the display and the hardware is loose.
  • Faulty VGA chip: This error usually occurs in 15- and 17-inch MacBook lines. This may be due to both the manufacturer and the operating temperature being too high, leading to the VGA chip overheating and leading to the above error phenomenon.
  • MacBook is hot with screen stripes: indeed, if used with high performance for a long time, overheating may occur, affecting the screen connection cable, vga card.

How to fix lines on MacBook screen

1. MacBook is magnetized

If you place your MacBook in a magnetic environment such as next to magnets, objects made of iron, aluminum, etc., your computer may become magnetized. This will result in horizontal and vertical stripes appearing on the Mac screen.

In order to solve the problem of screen stripes, you need to check around the place where the device is magnetic by seeing if there are objects made of iron, magnets, etc. that are strong magnetic. Additionally, you need to use your MacBook in environments with little or no magnetism.

MacBook should be placed where there is little or no magnetism
MacBook should be placed where there is little or no magnetism

2. Connection error between monitor and Screen card

You can also check the connection error between the monitor and the screen card. This error causes the MacBook screen to flicker, disorder and appear streaks. To handle this situation, you can do the following: Restart your computer > Press the Command + Option + R + P key combination on the keyboard . At that time, your MacBook screen will lose the stripes and return to its normal state.


Press Command + Option + R + P key combination

3. VGA card is damaged

Another reason could be a damaged VGA Card. A damaged VGA card can be caused by a manufacturer error or it can also be because your MacBook has to run too many applications for a long time, causing it to overheat, causing the VGA card to overheat and leading to stripes appearing. on the screen. To solve this situation, you can replace another VGA card.

Damaged VGA card can cause screen stripes
Damaged VGA card can cause screen stripes

To avoid this situation, you should regularly use heat dissipation measures for the machine to avoid damage to the VGA card.

4. Damaged connection cable or loose socket

In case your computer screen appears stripes and flickers, the most likely cause is the connection wire between the screen and the hardware in the machine is malfunctioning, loose, the socket pin is in contact. bad or damaged wire connection. To overcome this situation, you only need to replace these parts, which will be more affordable and less expensive than replacing the entire screen.

5. Damaged high-voltage cable

Usually high-pressure lamps used in screens are responsible for providing light for the screen. Damaged high voltage causes abnormal light and dark on the screen. The cause may be due to the two high-pressure lamp heads and the bad contact power supply. In addition, if the faulty high-voltage adapter does not supply enough voltage to the high-voltage lamp, it will cause the MacBook screen to become dim. To solve this situation, you need to repair the high voltage or replace the high voltage completely to return the screen to its normal state.

Repair or replace Damaged high-voltage cable
Repair or replace Damaged high-voltage cable

6. Manufacturer’s fault

A fairly rare error comes from the manufacturer. Although the MacBook is a fairly high-end computer line, it still cannot avoid technical errors. Usually, this error only appears in a few machines. With this error, you should bring the device to an authorized Apple service center if it is still within the warranty period or bring it directly to a reputable MacBook repair shop for a thorough repair and repair.

If you find an error, you need to bring your MacBook to a service center.

TheArtCult hopes this article will help you to fix the problem. Good luck!

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