Best Air Fryers Rated by Consumers 2021

Best Air Fryers Rated by Consumers 2021. Recently, Asian housewives have shared each other an extremely “hot” device that must be bought, an air fryer. This is a new multi-function fryer that has appeared in technology for the past few years. This pot allows us to make delicious roast fried foods like French fries, fried chicken, fried fish et cetera without using oil. Sounds interesting, right? Because you can still enjoy fried foods without having to worry about the amount of fat contained in foods that can cause diseases such as obesity, blood fat, high blood pressure. This article will list the top 5 air fryers that are highly recommended by consumers for their effectiveness.

Best Air Fryers Rated by Consumers 2021

How it works

Vacuum fryer has many other names such as oil-free fryer, hot air fryer, and air fryer. A vacuum fryer usually consists of two main parts. The upper part contains the heating rod, also known as the mayso wire (or resistance wire) and the fan. The bottom part is a removable frying tray, inside the frying tray is a frying pan to hold the food to be fried. This frying rack has a mesh bottom that allows hot air to circulate easily.

There are several types of vacuum fryers on the market today that have the fryer attached to the fryer, which is quite inconvenient because the fryer cannot be disassembled to clean the pot, but the price is cheaper than the vacuum fryer. with a fryer and a separate frying tray.

A vacuum fryer cooks food in a pot by heating the air in the pot up to 200 degrees Celsius and then using a fan to blow the hot air that circulates quickly, strongly and evenly across the food surface. Food will cook quickly in just 10 to 15 minutes.

Vacuum fryers typically range in capacities from 1.3 to 2.2 liters, allowing you to fry 500-800g of food at the same time.

The average vacuum fryer takes about 3 minutes to heat the air in the pot to the desired heat level. The highest temperature is 200 degrees Celsius and usually has a maximum frying timer of 30 minutes. Therefore, it will take about 15 minutes to make French fries, and about 30 minutes to fry chicken drumsticks. Thus, the total cooking time of a vacuum fryer is only half that of a conventional convection grill.

The capacity of the vacuum fryer is usually between 1300 and 1500W. So if you fry 2 batches of potatoes within 30 minutes, it will not consume much electricity. Cooking with a vacuum fryer is considerably cheap and safe.

Benefits Of Cooking with Air Fryers

Frying food without oil:

The vacuum fryer uses modern oil-free baking technology, so you can limit the amount of grease for roast fries, avoiding the risk of diseases like cancer. letter, obesity or diabetes, blood fat … Thanks to that, you can still enjoy your favorite grilled fried foods without having to worry that your preferences can affect your health as well as weight.

Authentication is not smelly:

The vacuum fryer has an odor filter in the back, so when frying food, the smell of the food is sucked out. Thanks to that, the food still retains its fresh and delicious flavor. Some vacuum fryers also have two compartments in the bottom of the pot to help keep fried foods from getting smelly.

Cook a variety of dishes:

In addition to the function of making fried foods such as fried chicken, French fries, and fried shrimp, the vacuum-operated crib can also be used to bake sandwiches and dry fruit.

Convenience + saving time and money:

Unlike the traditional method of frying, you both spend money on oil and spend time watching the food; With the vacuum fryer you just need to put the cleaned and fully marinated food into the frying tray and cover and press the timer button to finish cooking.

Once the food is cooked, you just need to take it out and enjoy it, there is not too much waiting time because the vacuum fryer cooking time is quite fast and you do not have to clean the grease spatter. splashed like a regular fry. Therefore, the vacuum fryer is an effective assistant for housewives to have delicious fried food quickly without spending much time and effort.

How to Buy Best Air Fryers Rated by Consumers 2021

To some people, a vacuum fryer is still an unfamiliar device, even first heard. On the market, this type of fryer is not really popular. Therefore, many people will not know on what criteria to choose a good fryer to use for themselves and their family. Here are a few criteria that you can base on to buy a suitable pot.


When choosing any electrical equipment you need to pay attention to the power factor first. Depending on the type of vacuum fryer that has many different capacities. Of course, the higher the capacity of the pot, the faster it will cook food, saving time, but it will consume a lot of electricity. Cookers with small capacity take longer to cook, take more time, but consume less electricity. However, you can choose a pot with a capacity from 1500W to 2000W and it has met the requirements of fast cooking and is quite energy efficient.


The vacuum fryer is a new product on the market, but still quite diverse in design and design. When buying, you should choose a pot with easy-to-use adjustment buttons, sturdy handle. If you are a person who pays attention to the aesthetic factor, the vacuum fryer is not lacking in products with beautiful design, color. elegant, youthful colors for you to choose from to highlight your kitchen. Besides, you should also consider the convenience factor when buying a vacuum fryer. Whether the pot is easy to clean, such as the fryer and the built-in frying tray, will make cleaning after your use difficult.


Material not only determines the lifespan of the device, but also directly affects the health of the user. So when choosing to buy a vacuum fryer you should also pay attention to this factor. The shell of the vacuum fryer is usually made of plastic, you should choose a safe plastic like PP plastic, this is a plastic with very good heat resistance and strength. The heart of the pot you should also choose the type made from stainless steel, covered with thick anti-stick coating to prevent the food from sticking when baking or frying food.

Ability to absorb odors, reduce smoke

The process of frying or baking all creates a lot of smoke and the smell makes the food become strong and the taste is significantly reduced. So when choosing a vacuum fryer you should pay attention to the pot’s smoke-absorbing and smoke-reducing features.

The function of smoke absorption and smoke reduction of the pot will help the smell of food when fried at high temperatures be absorbed out, not accumulating on the pot but haunting the food, so that food does not mix with odors tastes of each other, not too strong and tastes better. Besides, you also do not worry that the hair and clothes are stained with cooking oil as well as the kitchen is also cleaner than the conventional frying method.

Product Brands

Although it is a new product that has appeared on the market for 2-3 years, there are also vacuum fryers of unknown origin, poor counterfeiting. quality. Therefore, to avoid buying these products wrongly, you should choose to buy at reputable stores and sales websites to ensure the goods have a clear origin. Besides, to achieve high efficiency while using, you should also choose products from reputable brands highly appreciated by consumers such as Philips, Perfect, and Lock & Lock.

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Best Air Fryers Rated by Consumers 2021

Although the vacuum fryer is a new product, it has received the attention of consumers, especially housewives because of the benefits it brings. If you do not have a vacuum fryer at home, the following four consumer-appreciated vacuum fryers are the best suggestions for you when planning to buy.

1. Philips HD9220 oil-free fryer

The Philips HD9220 oil-free fryer is elegantly designed with delicate colors and high-quality glossy plastic material to make your kitchen interior more luxurious. The pot has a moderate size, not too bulky, convenient to move, can be brought to the garden for a barbecue, very convenient.

BestReviews Rating: 9.8 / 10


The Philips HD9220 oil-free fryer uses Airfryer’s unique Rapid Air hot-air technology so you can fry, fry, roast, roast all the delicious foods with 80% less fat than frying. Conventional oil flooding.

Rapid Air technology also helps to reduce smoke, reduce odors, and not make the kitchen air stuffy. Besides, when processing the pot is very clean, no splash, grease around.

The pot allows you to time when cooking and set the appropriate temperature depending on the dish, the cooking time is up to 30 minutes, the highest temperature is 200 degrees C. The pot has the function of automatically disconnecting the power and alarming when the frying is finished creating the safe for your family.

The non-stick pan tray helps the dish when frying, baking or frying remains intact without sticking like a regular fryer or pan.
The bottom and lid are removable, so you can easily clean and rinse like a regular dishwasher.


The Philips HD9220 oil-free fryer has a slightly small fryer, so only dishes with a maximum weight of 0.8 kg can be processed.

The pot does not have a transparent lid, so you have to lift the drawer to know the status of the food inside, but lifting it is also very easy and safe.

The price is high compared to other brands. If you use a regular fryer in your food preparation, the Philips HD9220 oil-free fryer is a good choice for you to consider.

2. Perfect GLA 609 multifunctional vacuum fryer

Perfect GLA 609 multi-function vacuum fryer is a new generation fryer of the famous household brand Perfect from America. Your daily cooking will be completely changed thanks to this smart fryer.

BestReviews Rating: 9.3 / 10

Instead of having to flip or fry each piece of fish meat in a grease pan, the hot air of the Perfect GLA 609 multi-function vacuum float heater will cook your food in no time. In addition, this pot is also very easy to use and hygienic after use and has the maximum ability to absorb the smells according to Korean technology to help your kitchen not stink like the conventional method of frying.


Using advanced technology of Rapid air heating: The upper fan part will blow out hot air, the hot air is heated quickly to 200 degrees C, circulating at a fast and strong speed. Around food helps to cook food quickly without the need for grease.

Compared with the traditional baking method, frying with the Perfect GLA 609 multi-function vacuum fryer helps you take advantage of the inherent fat in food, 80% reduction of fat, ensuring your health. and relatives.

The large 1400 W capacity allows you to fry and cook large quantities of foods and even long-cooked foods like whole chicken drumsticks, whole fish … in a shorter time than normal frying, only 10- Just 15 minutes. Thanks to that, the dish is quickly cooked while still retaining the original delicious taste of the food.

The ability to filter and smell: The Perfect GLA 609 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Fryer helps you not have to worry about food mixing with each other’s taste thanks to the built-in intelligent deodorizing ability.

When frying, baking at high temperature, the smoke and smell of the emitted food will be absorbed out. So minimizing smoke emitted during the frying process, so your food is not strong, smoky and has a fresher flavor.

Modern control system: The Perfect GLA 609 multi-function vacuum fryer has a convenient knob that allows you to adjust the temperature from 50 degrees C to 200 degrees C to suit each type of food or preparation.

The pot also has a customizable time knob to help you completely free your hands to do other things without fear of burning food. Timer function of up to 30 minutes of cooking time makes it convenient for you to marinate your food. The auto-mute function with audible alarm makes it easier to use.

Cook a wide variety of foods: Perfect GLA 609 multi-function vacuum fryer not only can cook fried foods such as fried chicken, fried spring rolls, french fries, fried pies, but you can also make baked goods with a pot such as baking, drying fruit, roasted peanuts, baked chestnuts.

Compact design, premium quality: The Perfect GLA 609 multi-function vacuum fryer has an outer shell made of high-grade PP plastic with good heat resistance and bearing capacity. The inside of the pot is made of thin material and is coated with 3 layers of non-stick ceramic to help prevent sticking perfectly for food.

Moreover, this pot is 30 x 30 x40cm in size, so it is very compact that does not take up much space for use and storage in your kitchen. The rounded lines of the pot and elegant colors will make your kitchen more beautiful and convenient.


Food cannot be observed during cooking.
The small nuts when roasting are easily dropped on the bottom tray, causing a little inconvenience when cleaning and cleaning.

3. Bluestone-AFB-5859 oil-free fryer

BestReviews Rating: 9.4 / 10

The Bluestone AFB-5859 oil-free fryer has a capacity of more than 3l, so you can fry foods in bulk or foods as large as whole chicken. If this is your first time using this product, don’t worry if you don’t know how to use it. An instruction sheet is attached to the manufacturer.

So what is special about the Bluestone AFB-5859 oil-free fryer? This product is integrated with the most modern Rapid Air technology today. still does not burn. Furthermore, the smell of fried food will not fill the space around the kitchen.

If you fry with a conventional gas stove, you will need to adjust the heat level so that the frying pan is not too hot or to suit each food’s heat level. Set the temperature up to 200 ° C with a gentle rotary knob.

And when you want to fry food, just turn the knob and turn the timer up!

4. Lock & Lock ECF-300B oil-free fryer

BestReviews Rating: 9.8 / 10

Lock & Lock ECF-300B oil-free fryer uses the latest vacuum heating technology today, you can fry or bake food as you like and also limit the amount of fat loaded into the body.

Why is the machine capable of such optimal performance? That is because the machine is optimized to utilize the optimal source of material, air! The fan section above (in the pot) can create a hot airflow. This hot gas can be hot up to 2000C and circulate around the food area at the fastest speed. The food will then taste crunchy without wasting too much oil.

Because the machine is pre-installed with many functions of frying or baking, along with a capacity of more than 3l, you can spontaneously cook dishes according to your preferences or your family’s. Gone are the days of placing pans on the stove and the smell of food filling the clothes and many other parts of the house!

The material of the product is made from PP plastic which is very safe for the health of users. In addition, the product can add luxury and is easy to clean after a day of cooking.

The downside to the product is that it takes longer to fry in a pot than a traditional pan!

Caution When Using

In order for a vacuum fryer to have a long service life, you should pay attention to the following in the process of using and cleaning the pan:

Do not place the fryer on the hot plate without the oil in the fryer, to prevent the non-stick coating from peeling off.

Only rice, plastic or wood spoons can be used for stir-frying in a frying tray.

Do not pour fish sauce or salt directly into the hot frying tray to avoid pitting the anti-nutrient layer.

After frying is finished, it is necessary to let the pot cool for 30 minutes before taking it to wash.

Do not use harsh detergents to clean the inner pot. Avoid using sharp cleaning tools but only use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the pot. The part of the pot is absolutely not exposed to water, but only use a clean damp cloth to dry the vacuum fryer.


Vacuum fryer is a smart device that housewives should buy to make the cooking light and still ensure the health of the whole family. With specific instructions and detailed suggestions, hopefully this article has helped you in choosing to buy a vacuum fryer for yourself and your family!