Why is the laptop Fujitsu instantly set ?

Why is the laptop Fujitsu instantly set ? While using the phone, there was an announcement about a new video of Thinkview, the main content is about the Fujitsu Lifebook U9311 laptop. The first is to hear about the price of 45 million, how will users imagine a laptop?. Thin, light, 2K, 4K screen, with touch, durable and luxurious materials. Looking at the U9311, that expectation will be gone, what machine has a screen resolution of 1920×1080, looks at the design is thick, the connection is tight, it doesn’t look like a 45 million ultrabook. So why is Japanese laptop taste so strange? Simply because the Japanese, people’s laptop taste is like that.

Why is the laptop Fujitsu instantly set ?
Why is the laptop Fujitsu instantly set ?

1. Persistence with time.

The Japanese do not like to use too shiny laptops, instead they prefer something more durable. I don’t mean that luxury-looking laptops are not durable. But the Japanese don’t like that, they prefer something more minimalistic (for example, here is a product surface that is treated in a grainy form, making them less prone to sweat, fingerprints, scratches –) and it looks really minimalist) than a Dell XPS or a Macbook, which looks much more fragile and fragile.
In addition, the U9311 also has a frame made from magnesium alloy, which has relatively high strength, withstands impacts from a height of 76cm (reference parameters) and is capable of withstanding pressure up to 2000kgf. The U9311 has passed rigorous MIL-STD-810H2 testing procedures, far beyond what a laptop can endure, avoiding bumps during daily use.

2. Integration, integration and.., integration.

I used to watch videos about gadgets in Japan. Over there, going to buy a pen, that pen can also make a holder for a phone, a sausage box, the sauce can be folded in half and then pressed out to eat, or even a toothpick has a larger top to Can be broken into chopsticks. Those things are enough to show that they always want things to be more convenient.

Why do ultrabooks have so many ports?. Anyone who saw U9311 asked the same thing. But the Japanese way of working is quite special – as above. They are minimalist and enjoy convenience. You just imagine the scene when you go to work, and when you need to connect to some external device, and your computer only has a type C interface, you have to pull out a converter hub. . And the Japanese don’t do that. People would rather carry a thicker laptop, but have many ports to meet the needs when needed, than a thin and light laptop, but cumbersome to use. And in fact, Fujitsu also has Intel Gen8 machines that still have VGA ports. Besides, Fujitsu retains the classic status lights so that users can easily identify the operation and signal of the ports.

Many people criticize that the iconic paint of the ports is not very “smooth”. In my opinion, they make the paint thicker and stand out from the surface to make it easier to see, but they have the power to paint like Lenovo, but I find the Lenovo style paint really hard to see. But this paint I think is also durable. I have a fountain pen in Japan, only 30k, I’ve been writing it for 3 years but the 0.5 (nib size) paint has not faded.

3. Security

In Japan, they attach great importance to personal privacy and information security. Taking pictures of dogs, cats or the garden requires permission. In addition, because it is in the business laptop market, U9311 is equipped with very modern security and authentication technologies. In addition to the familiar Windows Hello, the U9311 is also equipped with Smart Card unlocking and PalmSecure fingerprint sensor according to the standard of its Fujitsu AuthConductor V2 solution. PalmSecue is one of the most modern and trendy identification sensors this year (2021). It can recognize the entire blood vessel under the palm through an advanced bio-authentication system. Well, in case of fake fingerprints, now check the blood vessels under the skin, it’s fake.

And those are the reasons that Japanese laptops are both strange and expensive.

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